My Dr put me on Ctialopram a long time ago for depression. I had a gall blader removed and they over dosed me. I woke up 2-3 days latter hardly knowing my name. I was on a catheter for several weeks which is also a symtom. Short term memory loss has been the result long term. . I just read that OD damage from an operation is common in old people. I got a report stamped confidential by accident that I was not supposed to see. They said I had a decline in IQ of about 30 points and severe memory loss. Then said it was caused by vascular dementia. Strange it happened in one day.

I'm not to sure if I really need Citlopram. I was told to stay on it. The dry mouth I have using it has rotted my teeth. I will need implants if this continues. Even my Denist is appalled at my teeth condition. .

Are there any antidepressants that don't have the dry mouth syndrome? With my IQ dropping it's difficult getting answers. "Ask the Doctors" doesn't. work. They take one look at my history and won't discuss it. So I'm stuck in a bad place.