I get really bad anxiety, no motivation and all I want to do is sleep all day. On my days off I lay in bed til 11am. But when I work (I work 12 hour shifts - rotation, so I work both nights and days). Depression was taking over. I used to go it with friends, shop, go to the movies, beach and be social but that's all gone away. I also have a son whom I'd play with all day but I have a hard time even moving a lot. I'm 25 and healthy for the most part so I should not be like this. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me citalopram 10mg. I was nervous about taking it because every time I try medication I get nauseous which I absolutely hate that feeling so it sat on my counter for about two weeks before I actually brought myself to take it. I've been on it for about five days. I'm very twitchy and on edge. I go to bed then wake up at 4am and can't get back to bed because I'm wide awake. I also feel like I zone out a lot as well..I've gained weight and have had many headaches.. It hasn't helped with my motivation issues or anxiety... if anything it's made it worse. The only positive change I have noticed is my focusing and listening is on point and Is making me think excessively. I feel like my depression has gotten more intense. Is this normal? I know it's messing with my chemicals and such and I've never tried any depression medication before so Should I keep trying it out?