When I was 18 I had a panic attack out of nowhere, literally thought I was dying! I was taking Ativan after the e.r. visit. Then when I got to my doc he started me on paxil. I hated it, just didn't feel "sane" so to speak. So he started me on 10mg Lexipro. It worked within a week, panic attack free and almost no anxiety. After a few years I felt like it wasnt enough and he upped it to 20mg. Again I felt great. Well its been another three years and I started feeling the same way again. My doctor who I went through this with is no longer practicing so I was in search for a doc. I got an appmnt but it was two weeks away. At this time I kept taking my lexipro but was feeling worse everyday. I got into my gyno and she switched my medicine to 40 mg cilexa. I went to her as a longshot, obviously she doesnt specialize in these issues but I was desperate. Not knowing that I should have weened off the Lexipro I just quit taking it and started the cilexa. That next week was hell. Crying, tremors, feeling like I had the flu. One ambulance call, 2 e.r. visits later they gave me Ativan. When I finally saw the doc she gave me more ativan and scheduled me back in 3 weeks. In the meantime I still have anxiety so bad that I have to keep taking this stupid ativan. Everyday is a challenge, dizzy, nauseated, and severe anxiety. I have finally been able to sleep but in the morning my jaws are clenched with panic. Now three weeks on the cilexa and no freakin relief. I just dont know what to do. Oh and called the doc and they called me in more ativan and keep saying it takes time. How am I supposed to live? Cant go to work making no money and I have three boys who depend on me. Lexipro worked soooo quickly but not this one!!! Im out of ideas and just cry all the time because I want my life back! If anyone has had this experience or knows what I should do PLEASE HELP!!! This feeling is awful!