I'm a middle aged woman with a successful career and loving family. I've always had mild anxiety and OCD tendencies which were easily manageable but over the last year I've been obsessed with thinking I am unable to swallow and will have to constantly spit. I was recently taken off of Zoloft and started on celexa 10mg this week, was also added Xanax 0.25mg as needed. I just want some insight because these new behaviors of becoming agoraphobic and new social anxiety(because I'm afraid I'm going to choke) is crippling. I have not missed any work but do feel extreme dread driving long distances now. I also do yoga, acupuncture and meditation which I feel is the only thing not sending me over the edge. My ob-gyn believes I'm experiencing peri-menapausal symptoms, but I feel like it's much more than that. I also remember my mother telling me when I was little I would pull all my eye lashes out and pull out my hair along with bed wetting but the symptoms subsided and never occurred again.
Thanks everyone