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Will citalopram 20mg help motivate, energize, and give me a better and happier look on life?

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Marvell 26 Apr 2014

If you have depression then yes, citalopram should help you get a positive onlook in life. However, for some people it may not work as well as for other people, but there are other medicines that they can take. Please discuss with your doctor if you are depressed. All the best.

jznkz 26 Apr 2014


Delila 28 Apr 2014

Quite possibly. It has worked well for many people, including myself. I have been taking this medication for several years now and it really did pull me out of the depths of depression. I initially started taking Citalopram @ 20mg. I increased to 40mg quite quickly, as this dose was better for me personally. It will take around 4 weeks (give or take) for you to realise the full potential. Sometimes people can feel worse (short term) before they feel better, but try to ride this period out and give the medication a chance to work for you... I hope you benefit from Citalopram as much as i did

endlessPred 30 Apr 2014

It helps but only you can choose happy things over sad. Drama or walking away. It is effective if you work with a therapist who can help you find that happiness.,once you do, life can be amazing. The drug only helps to lift your spirits.. You choose how to make some changes that remove your stressors and what to do about them. Insight is the key. Good luck to you.

zarak1 4 May 2014

yesh offcourse ,, medicine gives u the help , u have to work on urself too , u shld exercise daily , practice postive thinking , spend time with frinds, ,
citalopram is ssri ,,antidepressant ti takes 2 to 4 weeks to start work , wish u best of luck free discount card

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