My mum has all the above and is on her third stay in hospital since New Year's Day. Sometimes she doesn't even know who I am. My main question I keep asking the doctors is how long does she have and it seems a question no one can answer . I'm so frustrated with her care and the lack of communication from her health care providers to her or even me if she's not taking in information they need to tell her . Last week she was kept in hospital under a deprivation of liberties safe guarding order as she kept trying to escape as she needed a drink even though they had detoxed her for 11 days. I'm sorry this is reading more like a rant then a question. I'm just at a loss this woman has drank heavily since she was 14 she's now 59. I haven't had much contact with her in four years but as I'm down as next of kin the hospital called me as they couldn't stop the variceal bleed. I'm not getting any answers of any significance on any aspect like she desperately wanted to know what all 23 of her tablets were for , she really need to understand what and why she was taking so many. It took 4 days for me to get her an answer from the consultant . She's had three of the fluid drains in the last 8 days each time between two to three litres at a time they give her the all clear send her home ands she's back in the following with ascites it's a visicous circle. I've lost count how many times she's asked me why she's there and what's wrong with her. It's heart breaking to tell your mum her liver is failing over and over. I've asked for a social worker for her numerous times someone she can talk to or just an intermediary that can explain to her what's happening. I live 500 miles from her and as much pain that she's caused my brother and I over the years I can't let her die alone in hospital with horrific pain suffering and loneliness. But how long ... how long will this go on for, how much more can her body take ???