Since given cipro for UTI back in 2008 I've been in pain. The pain started in my lower back and under lower rib cage now it's in most joint areas including knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, neck, hips. Burning in thighs and numbness also finger tips and toes slight numbness. Weakness in arms legs and bone pain at times also headaches may be from stress of pain. Bright light burns my eyes also dry eyes. I can not tolerate heat anymore. Also muscle waisting. I am age 54 but these things started in my late 40's I am a Caucasian male. I've seen a Lyme specialist and a local rhumatologist and my GP I've had blood work several times with everything coming back normal. I am now trying to get app. At UVA with rhumatologist hoping to get answers as to what is going on. The one reason I believe it's cipro is that it all started shortly after taking cipro for UTI but at first I had know idea until I had to research for myself I asked my dr could it be cipro he kinda shrugged it off. I am now on a know carb diet trying to figure out is it sugar or gluten it's been three weeks and still have same issues. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you Mike