I have muscle myopathy and Achilles tendonitis from statins-cholesterol medication. I recently had a sinus infection. I went into an urgent care and was prescribed this. I didn't check it, as I was also having major problems from being given the wrong med by the pharmacy 2 weeks earlier. If you have muscle, joint, or tendon problems-Please get this listed as an allergy on your medical records-at the pharmacy, main doctor- and talk to people at any Urgent Care or ER that you use. I was just getting on my feet from the statin, where I could drive without it hurting. It's better to take time and go into a record keeper at each place-and make sure that you're record is up to date; than to try to sort this out when you have ear abscesses, strep throat, etc. My primary care made a comment that this med was an odd choice. Then a few days ago-Yahoo had a news blip that antibiotics can damage the Achilles tendon. I just checked-it helps that last night an ear abscess broke-from my thyroid being off. I can't buy a break-and I'm scheduled for day surgery at 8 am tomorrow. Maybe she'll give me something for pain.