... cause bloating, pain and come out as they went in. Help!!! I am vegetarian so this makes any meal choice scary and painful. History was pain lump in upper left quadrant. E.R. did CTScan with nothing to show. Prescribed Flagyl x7days. Two months later same problem, prescribed Flagyl 10 days and Cipro 3days. Now I am unable to eat most foods. Even Probiotics cause extreme distress. I was eating kale a lot/ now vomit next moring with undigested greens coming up. Any type of bean causes 4-5 days of distress. Strange craving of beer daily now up to six per day. Strange stringy tissue-like stuff in stools. Also since the Cipro I have had bloody tissue-like clumps coating stool. Day 3 of Cipro and I could feel toxins in my ears/flushing, rapid heart beat, toxins in mouth! like feeling it from inside cheeks to inside lips. Thank God it was the last day already because I could not sleep. Every time that I was just falling asleep there was a rush from inside out that woke me. Any info is appreciated. Digestion is the main issue now. Also lump is still there so those darn antibiotics did not change anything. No health ins. I paid cash for MRI that was inconclusive..