I was prescribed 1,000 mg per day Cipro (14days,quit @ 7after reading up) for SIBO. I had taken a 4 day course of Cipro years ago for cystitis so had no reason to think twice about taking it. My gastro doc never asked if I had had tendon problems in the past and it didn't occur to me to mention them . I now have severe trigger finger tendonitis in my right hand and in my left hand, cannot raise my arms, have tennis elbow and extreme pain in hip flexors to name a few of the worst effects. In the morning my hands just plain don't work. I am still trying to work a fairly physical job and am wondering if anyone has an idea of what I should do to remedy this. I know with tendonitis rest and rehab are the usual script, but I also know that as soon as you resume even the smallest activity the tendonitis flares up again. I used to be able to take Relafen but had to go off it when I developed IBD and now take an anti-inflammatory for that specifically. Cannot take NSAIDs at all and Tylenol just doesn't cut it. Has anyone found relief? I feel like I have been crippled for life.