First time posting about my GAD anywhere, but I am hoping to get some help/advice.

I started on 10mg of Cipralex and then did great on 20mg, but the weight gain and ZERO sex drive has taken a toll on my marriage and personal health.

I've been referred to the best psychiatrist in the city, so I am all in with him. We started on Wellbutrin 150 and then went up to 300 the max I believe while still on the Cipralex, and it didn't do much for me.

So he's decided to wean me off Cip and add Pregabalin 75mg twice a day, in hopes to wean me off Wellbutrin and Cip all together. Sounds amazing, I certainly don't want to be on multiple meds.

However, my second day on Pregabalin and I am worried. Anxiety has definitely increased, I feel dopey and out of it. I know these things take time, but I am wondering if I should get off the Pregabalin or tough it out.

Any advice would be great. I haven't told a single friend about any of these meds, only my husband knows and he of course doesn't understand.