Things cant get worse for me, after being dignoised with chilaiditi syndrome back in June ( displacement of the large intestine) and also being dignosed with ciliac diease this month from blood test i have also been told i have 3 small stomach ulcers and diverticulitus whilst having my endoscopy at both ends, they have taken biosies 12 in all of my intestines including the ulcers, im really worried now that they will find something else wrong with me, i know the ulcers were small 2-4 in all but he said that they had a halo and blood surply and im really not sure why and if the are there, I now have to wait for another routine appointment with the gastrologist at the hospital which could be up to 4 weeks away, the only medication i am on is ometrodole 1 x 20mg, amitriptyline 2x 5mg,and domperidone 3x 10mg im on a gluten free diet now, but still suffer with vomitting, gas, bloating, constipation( 4 days/ 7 ) loose fatty smelling stool ( 3days/7) and weight lose now 3 stone in 3 months i eat 3 small meals a day but the pain after eating last up to 3 hours. All the above has ruined my life, cant sleep, or go out for no longer than 2 hours a day if at all possible, my gp is kind and i know that she only can be guided by the hospital, but its the waiting for the biopsys to come back and the waiting to know what they can do, i know that they cant do anything about my chilaiditi syndrome as the intestine infussed on my liver, i know that i will get relief from eating gluten free for my celiac, but can they cure diverticulitus, and the ulcers ? and if so what ? Just want my life back again. PLEASE