I have had chronic or recurrent urinary tract infections for the last 3 months (before that I had them really bad back in 2013). I don't know what is causing them, so I don't know how to prevent them. I'm in so much pain! I can't even live my life. I just want to know that this pain won't last forever. I'm sick of hospital visits and iv's. Once again I'm on keflex and still in pain. They said I have a "raging" uti last night. How does this happen?! I drink cranberry juice and Gatorade, no more caffeine or energy drinks for me. I wipe front to back. I always pee after sex. I never hold my pee. I try to do everything right, but somehow I end up back in pain with a "uti", ct scan said my kidneys were swollen, but doctors don't think I have a kidney infection so idk. Im losing hope :( does it ever get better??