So I am a 23 year old female. I had my first UTI when I was 19. It was not caused by sex. I was still a virgin. Because I was unfamiliar with UTI's I let it go untreated too long and it turned into a kidney infection. With antibiotics, I was treated and healed within a week. Ever since then I have had multiple UTI's and I am now sexually active. I am also on the depo shot. I get yeast infections quite frequently as well. I would say on average I probably get 5 to 6 UTI's a year. Not all of my urine cultures come back positive but I still am given antibiotics since the symptoms are present. I have been doing more research on UTI's and have discovered that doctors can prescribe you antibiotics with unlimited refills for people who have them often. Why won't my doctor do this? I know the symptoms of a UTI well enough by now that I hate going to the doctor because I know the treatment procedure. All he says is to come in when I feel like I have one. Does he not know how annoying this is?! And when I ask him why I get so many UTI's he just says some women have more bacteria in the body than others. I drink cranberry juice, take cranberry pills, pee before and after sex, I drink lots of water and I still get them a lot. I actually have one right now. I was seen last week and given antibiotics but the macrobid and pyridium didn't work as I need a 2nd dose so I have to call and see what they can do. I'm just wondering if anyone who knows anything about the bladder and UTI's, could tell me what they know and why they might think i get these so much.