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I have chronic UTI's. can I take cipro longer than ten days at a time? I want to kill this thing!?

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Adeline 14 Jan 2014

I would ask your doctor. I have been on it for 1 to 3 months at a time, but I was getting chronic UTI's. But i wouldnt do that without consulting with a doctor. Good luck!

xankarol 14 Jan 2014

ok, thank you for that. i live in a 3rd world country and don't "have a dr." altho we can go to the clinic here & see a dr. (different one each time) and they will give us free medicines or we can just buy meds at the pharmacy... that was why i was asking. I hope your UTI's are a thing of the past...

Adeline 14 Jan 2014

I had them for 3 years. i went from doctor to doctor, different specialist, Urologist, Infectious Disease, with no answers. Finally the gynecologist, suggested that maybe it was because i needed Hormone Therapy (not sure if you are a women or your age) but he said this is common with women going through menopause So I started hormones and a 3 month dose of Cipro and its been almost a year and half with no UTI. My cipro was 500mg twice a day. It really was hard on my stomach, but I did do it,.

xankarol 14 Jan 2014

yes, i am a post menopausal woman. but i am on HRT. the natural compounded drops. i think i just need to kill this thing once and for all. i appreciate your feed back and i am so happy that you are UTI free! ha you know how "fun" they are... ugh

pamee 14 Jan 2014

You should take it for as long as your doctor told you to. If you take it for too long you can develope a yeast infection in your mouth and other places. Talk to your doctor.

kaismama 14 Jan 2014

If you want an antibiotic to take longer, bactrim would be a safer choice. You can take that longer.

xankarol 14 Jan 2014

thanks, i seem to be resistant to bactrim. we can only get Septra here which is pretty much the same thing i am told... I wish bactrim still worked as it is not a broad spectrum antibiotic. i really would like to be able to prevent these things. it has been around 25 yrs that i have been plagued by them. free discount card

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