i have a son age 22 for about 18 months every time he drank alchol 2 days later he was rolling in pain it used to come and go now its gotten to the stage when hes eats food after about a hour hes getting terrible stomach pain we took him to a&e they done a x-ray and a cat scan said he had a inflamed bowel and said they think its crohnes diseases ? but hes no diarrhea they gave him steroids and other medication thats hes been taking for 3 weeks with no improvement hes waiting for a colonoscopy in 3 weeks i cut advised him to cut all wheat out for a few days he said he was feeling a little better than last night he had eaten a piece if steak and he was rolling around all night again in pain ? i would be greatful on any comments to what this might be would a stomach ulcer show up on a cat scan ??