... did. Now I'm on oxycodone 10/325 cause my new insurance is now only medicare pts A-D the oxy works but i had a pain pump which allowed my getting the baclofen mixed with my pain RX. But we moved from the city to the sticks in another state,so i only get the pain meds 4 my spinal cord injury and total knee surgery from a GP who doesn't like to give me more than afew morophine(MSIR 30mg)for a few weeks. better to load me up on oxy but even then it's now not full dose and has tylenol325 so i can't take too many, so i will have a liver that works.They let my pain pump die now I've days I wish i could die from the pain and spasms, my arm gets these burning pains which i know is from neuropathy that is so bad i have no use of my arm or rt hand. Last 2 years i hit the donut hole from surgeries to save my leg,so i really watch my med costs. I pay $140 a month 4 my #240 percocet10/325 and 90 morophine cost another 30 then $35 for my generic robaxin and my gabapentin is only $8 till i hit the donut hole.All generic Rx. Cause my dying husband is still alive i don't qualify 4 any extra help thru medicare. I got medicaid but my deductible is $2500 a month, as much as our social security and my disability come to and the va has my husband @ a%50 disability and so we make too much money. we live in an rv as we lost our home when he got sick afew years ago and we moved from Vegas so Merced,CA and now i'm getting scared. over 1/3 of my ck goes 4 meds then the pain from the ms is so bad i spend another $90 a month on therma care heat pads 4 my arm. I think after my last visit to Stanford my husband and I will start living apart 4 my own safety,he's a vet from the nam era who's PTSD has him classified as a risk. So I am gonna go spend afew months in Vegas with my daughter to start my escape but she doesn't have the money to support me as she works part time and I don't think she should have too.I'm just thrilled she wants me there and a safe distance from her dad.She knows he's got some issues and uses his blackouts from anger as an excuse. He is not nor ever was a drinker but the agent orange is got his liver shot and his marine corp training took his humanity & compassion far away,his anger is what saved him in the war but will be his death i fear. I just don't feel like being collateral damage.The MS,degenerative ,spine disease,they blowing out my knee and leg 4 years ago did me in. I got a total knee put on after 7 months of fighting a pre surgery staph infection that went septic but walk with out a cane and a limp so i feel very lucky cause my cadaver bone in the leg took and then I got a stanford doc who hung in there with me trying to beat the staph so he could put a knee in.well one of his students that he's mentoring did and he's thrilled to have me walking and bending like i did 5 years ago,I am too so any ideas on how to get meds 4 the MS or treatment will be very much appreciated. I know that Gods got my back and today was a good day. God's speed to all of you.Pat