Folks, I have lived with small bowel obstructions for the past 11 years. I have been in the hospital monthly over the 11 year period for treatment of small bowel obstructions. I have had 14 surgeries in my abdomen on my intestines and 5 abdominal meshes surgically implanted due to hernia repairs stemming from weaken abdominal tissue. This is all a result of colon cancer that I had in 2005, and have been cancer free since then. In addition to surgery, I had chemo, and radiation therapy to treat the cancer. This has all resulted in life of small bowel obstructions and monthly obstruction episodes putting me in the ER and admitted for observation and treatment. My system has a tendency of creating a lot of abdominal adhesion in addition to radiation enteritis. I have had more NG tubes in me than Trump has money... no joke! I decided to join this support group to vent my frustration and to learn what others are going through. Maybe I can help others or maybe others can help me. I have been to several specialists and had two major surgeries at the Cleveland Clinic to help remove adhesion(s) in 2010, and several surgeries since then for hernia repair or for adhesion removal locally since my intestines twist and turned like an old garden hose. My condition is a mechanical and physiological one as there is neurological damage to my intestines that has resulted in motility issues as well. I no longer have an illeocecal valve between my small and large intestines so when things slow down bacteria back flows from the the large intestines into the small intestines complicating gastric upset. So this my story in a nutshell. What works for me to help with flow is Miralax. Few times a week but when things shut down due to a kink in my intestines, or if motility is out of synch from one loop to the next then I'm real sick. Anyway this is my background in a nutshell. What has worked for you all to minimize trips to ER and manage obstruction episodes at home? I have various prescribed meds to take if I feel an onset coming, (Zofran, Hycosamine, the list goes on). Also if you need support or my opinion let me know. Remember each condition is different, each patient is different.