Hello,i am 17 years old with inflammatory acne,thalassemia trait and gilberts syndrome.
My recent blood work showed this,
WBC 7 (normal 4-10.4)
MON# 0.7 (normal 0.2-1.1)
MON% 9.46 (normal 3-9)
So,my monocyte percentage values have been around 9-10% since i got acne but my monocyte absolute values have always been normal around 0.6..My dermatologist told me that this may be caused by my inflammatory acne because macrophages that deal with acne are a subcategory of monocytes... my pathologist also told me that it's nothing to worry about but my anxiety disorder won't let me get over it... i have no symptoms of a disease only slightly yellow eyes because of my GS thing..It would be great if someone could explain to me why i have this monocytes abnormality..