... was just diagnosed with pancreatitis idk if its acute or chronic.I go see my regular doctor in 6 days.Is it possible to have had this disease all along and they never knew it? I have had the same symptoms all these years.I have horrific stabbing pains in my upper abdomen and straight through to my back.I have spells of vomiting and unable to eat or drink anything at all for 4-5 days and then i finally crawl to the ER and get fluids,IV form antacids,and something for the nausea,usually zofran.Gallbladder was removed 15 years ago and it didnt help one bit with the vomiting or pain.Are my levels that detected this disease to begin with still be elevated when i go for my appointment if the attack is over?Do you think it's possible that this was my problem for all these years and they never caught it til now?Any and all advice or thoughts on this matter will be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance :)