Hi all. In March and november 2008 I had surgery to my shoulders to remove spurs. In March 2009 I was told I had chronic pain syndrome. Since returning to work full time in February 2009 I have been in more pain than prior to surgery, but not my shoulders! No, the rest of my body has decided to turn against me with pain in my upper back, legs, arms, wrists. I have had 2 "flare ups" where I have hardly been able to move, i'm stiff, my skin hurts. I dread getting a itch for example on my back as it smarts for ages after . I have had blood tests done for rhumotoid arthritis but came back clear. I have 2 physios telling me that there is something else going on. I'm getting seriously frustrated! I'm 40 yrs old going on 90! Is there anyone else out there with something similar ?