Hi, so glad I found this support site! I'm 25 years old and have been struggling with severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting for nearly three years now. Frequently putting me in the hospital every time I'd go into one of my severe symptom "attacks". As of September I received a diagnosis of Xiphoidynia (bone below sternum malformed causing extreme pain which makes me outrageously sick) we've investigated all the Porphyrias, cyclic vomiting syndrome, chrones disease, and almost everything a test could check for.
Long story short, I'm now receiving regular injections (today was my second set) and I'm really struggling with optimism and appetite. Today I asked the doc for something to help with appetite loss, and was recommended to try Abilify or Seroquil. I'm extremely hesitant to treat appetite loss with an anti-psychotic. Has anyone come up with ideas to help that aren't ensure, whey, canabis, or peanut butter? Currently I drink one to two ensures a day along with light meals whenever I can, just not working so well. Becoming desperate, living with chronic pain is enough, I just want to enjoy food again when I'm actually able to eat! Any advice is helpful!