For over 30 years I have played a yo-yo game with pain meds as well as doctors. For the past 7 years I have been in pain clinic near Detroit metro area. I have been doing injections and they really did take the edge off. However 60% wasn't good enough for my Dr and he said I needed 75% relief or higher to continue.
What??? Ok..ok. So I give him his rating. I sit here in tears in pain... another day. I can't go to my GP she sends me to my pain Dr. The Dr sends me to my pain Dr.
I don't take any medications!! I am NOT asking for any medications!!
I just want to be out of pain.
I have had major back and neck surgery. I have a body riddled with arthritis and constant muscle spasms. I hurt every single day.
Recently they have me Norco... lyrica and zanaflex. Nope... I have followed my contract always on count never miss an appointment... don't drink or do drugs and still in pain. ... I tell my Dr his cocktail isn't working and I am concerned with the Tylenol in the Norco. I failed to mention my kidneys are having issues due to my type 2 diabetes.
I feel like after seven years of no meds and not asking for meds to the last two years of their meds not working but ever so slightly taking the edge off of the years from not only the physical but mental and emotional pain due to decreased quality of life.
I cried when they FINALLY did an MRI and seen that when they asked where it hurts and I replied MY SPINE... that they could actually see I wasn't lying... with the mri image results in their hands and the five herniated discs... bone spurs... degenerated disc and blown disc. Nothing has changed. They sent me back to my neck surgeon who said. He can't help me.

Where does one go for help?
I'm not complaining about pills... I'm in need of a Dr who's willing to listen and help me.
I want my quality of life to improve. I'm doing therapy both physical and mental.
I am on the edge of just wishing Jack Kevorkian was still alive!
Please advise.