for many years. For several years I have also taken 2 tabs of "Tylenol ES 8hr" 3/day. This past year I have added Flexeril 5mg nightly. Also as needed for spasms, I increase the Flexeril to 10mg 3/day. I want to stop the Motrin and change to a NSAID patch. The only one I found online is a topical called "diclofenac topical (Rx)" sold in different forms: - Flector Transdermal Patch, Voltaren Gel, Pennsaid topical solution, Solaraze Gel
Class: Topical Skin Products.
I am wondering if anyone has tried this, and your comments about it. I need anti-inflammatory drug mainly for back pain and carpal tunnel pain. Are there any other anti inflammatory topical that might work? Thank you for sharing your experience.