... another med for breakthrough pain. This is just one of many diagnoisis that i have wrong and all results in horrific pain.I see a pain specialist now for 5 months. The one med for long lasting pain is opana er 20mg which now results in terrible sick headaches which put me to bed in a dark room. I see my doctor this week, also think very highly of him. He has taken time and really sincere in my pain, i think he is one of the best in his field. Last visit was great, we thought that the meds he had put me on for the last 2 months was the answer and felt so great that we had gotten to the right medications that work. I looked better, my pain for once had actually become under control, we were both so happy.Now I know that I can no longer take the Opana er 20mg and I do not know what medication that will replace the former and have the same results as far helping pain, although I never really thought Opana was all that great because it barely took the edge off, so along with that I take Oxycondone 30mg which does help tremendously. What will happen next?.The back pain is so severe that I can longer take rides in a car that are longer than a couple of miles.So I am really homebound, seldom ever leaving my home except for Doctor appts. Which has caused me to fall into a very deep depression, just can't seem to win.