... feet, broke an toes tibia, radius, ulna, and femur. I'm walking with canes but having trouble with pain at the tendon/ligament level as well as bone on bone arthritis in my big toe which was broken. My question is: have any of you tried the local injections? My Dr. Is concerned that 1. They may not work and 2. Could cause my existing nerve pain to worsen.
I'll have to get the toe joint fused at some point, but wanted to know if the steroid injections are even worth a try?
Also: how much luck have people had with prescription creams? Mine has ketamine,clonidine, gabapemtime and an NSAID. I'm also on time released and breakthrough opioid meds which help, but can't address the underlying problem, and, I do physical therapy and accupuncture as well. I'm on the cusp of walking with just 1 cane, but the toe and connective tissue pain hold me back. Any ideas are appreciated. Be well, everyone