I've some pretty funky discs in neck and back. My neck has been hurting for about 7 weeks now and I fear that my PT treatments (beginning on Friday) will further damage my neck! I know this may be irrational, yet I am still a bit concerned!
I've my MRI report and the disc to take with me, so she (new doc) will see just how bad things are, but I still want to tell her not to touch my neck, as if I'm seeing some quack-ish Chiropractor (not ripping on Chiropractors, just the quack types!) as if she will attempt to "adjust" it! I know these fears are not rational, yet I still am a bit leery to see this new doc.
I've no idea what will be required of me, nor what the doctor will do... anyone? Opinions, facts, conjecture?
Thanks friends.
Your (irrational) friend,