... member and my cousin was driving he decider to get stupid and hit 50 mph and hit a hole we flew up about 15 feet and went sideways in to cow fence pole... I crushed my ancle and went to the ER they told me it was only sprained then I went home (400 miles) sit around playing call of duty still not walking after a few weeks so I go to a specialist and they take some exrays and the end of my tibia (my growthplate) is completly seperated from the rest of the vone... i get surgery on it ( 2 screws) sit around ALL summer .. School starts im barley walking im still in pain... And im missing out on all my sports... I just joined football again and 1 day these kids talked me in to squating while we are lifting weights and while im squating my ancle pops really loudly and starts hurting constantly I mean hurting so bad I bust out crying sometime..( I dident even cry when I broke it) soooo its like excruationg pain and I cant take it any more what do I do... Tryed tylanol (dont work) anti inflamatory helps a little tho ... Its not a pain that is getting any better its been like this for 2 weeks and does not feel the least bit better.. What do I do?