I've had severe back pain for over ten years and been prescribed every opiate there is. Dependency has been standard for me but I recently developed an addiction which I am currently trying to overcome. The problem is that my pain is out of control again. I'm 28 and have been through about 7 back surgeries including multiple lumbar fusions and discectomies. I've tried all of the codones/morphones (roxy,oxy,hydro) and oxycontin, MS contin, kadian, fentinyl, subutex, methadone, etc. HOW DO I GET RID OF THE PAIN WITHOUT OPIATES!? I don't want to do surgery again. I've tried every modality and non-narcotic option. If a narcotic is the only way I can live a somewhat normal life, what's the best one to be on... meaning, which one is less addicting? Maybe there's something out there that I don't know about. I don't see a winning solution here but any advice would be appreciated. THANK YOU!