I was in an accident 8 years ago. I have several injuries that have made a huge impact on my life. I have a spinal subluxation and C4-T1 fusion and I have a crippling pain that shoots down to my mid-back area. I have been searching for a Dr. to prescribe the Oxycodone, and Duragesic Patches that my primary Dr, was prescribing me. She just recently told me that I must find a Pain Management Dr. I did go to see a Dr, Ryder (Reno, NV) and he was very opposed to prescribing my medications! He didn't even have any medical records or imaging! Please help! I suffer from so much pain and I need a compassionate Dr. to prescribe my pain medications. I cannot cope with the relentless pain. If you know of a Dr. who will help me please let me know. Thank you.