... fell down some stairs which required them to take out my ACL and one leg because of my weight at the time and my other leg now needs immediate replacement into which I'm not able to do because I've 11 year old but nobody can help me with or will help me with I should say. I'm a single parent. I also have fibromyalgia herniated disc spinal stenosis degenerative disc disease and I'm in extreme amount of pain daily. I was on Hydrocodone 10 milligram for several years which worked great my doctor moved out of town and since then have not been able to get a doctor to prescribe me pain medication. I have x-rays and several MRIs to prove my condition. I have jumped through every hoop from several doctors and I still cannot get any relief with pain medication. I have went to two pain clinics I have taken steroids shots I have taken spinal injections I have a TENS unit I have taken water therapy I have hot packs cold packs vitamins every snake oil therapy that they could actually tell me to take but yet they will not give me anything but 800 milligrams of ibuprofen. Is there anybody that knows a doctor in the state of Nebraska in the central region that I could see that may be willing to consider giving me a pain medication after looking at my file. I'm not Doctor shopping but I tell you what I cannot live in this pain and I don't want to keep changing my files to different doctors until I find somebody that's willing to listen. It seems like it should be illegal for somebody to be denied pain medication and have to living pain to where they're almost bedridden daily. Any help would be appreciated