in? My doc upped my dose from 2700mgs to 3600mgs and I swear it feels as if I've hardly left the house since my (wonderful) Neurologist increased gabapentin! She told me to stop where ever I felt comfy, yet there IS NO comfy involved! This just sux, I can barely make dinner now, and I was cranking out good ones before the increase ; )
Seriously, my shoulder and the vertebrae in neck have been giving me terrible trouble, too.
I had an MRI which revealed all sorts of medical words that I'm not familiar with,
blast this med-speak and not one of my doc's has called to explain it not will they return my calls, so this is yet another annoying Lara problem, a two-fold one at that! I do apologize, friends. I just am at loose ends here and don't know quite where to turn.
I can rewrite my MRI report if any of you think you can handle it, but I will tell you this, I saw a Pain Management Doc who said I've "a significantly damaged spine." But she wouldn't explain it! The pain is just getting worse and I KNOW that my pcp is just waiting for PT to fail so that I can endure surgery, which I'd almost rather have at this point, yet I've seen nothing but failed surgeries on this site. HELP!
Your (bit desperate) friend,