I broke my left wrist in march 2011 cleaning the top of a fridge. It's been a long haul with it... resetting,plates, pins, pins popping out and then had all the hardware removed. The doctor was looking at fusing my wrist because of my tiny bones and we had run out of options to fix it. Just prior to my seventh surgery (my last) I had an x-ray on the wrist and shocked everyone when my bone disappeared!!! So biopsies and scans. No explanation can be found... no virus or organism detected.
So for surgery the doc took pieces of me from everywhere inside my wrist and nothing was detected or found.
So about an inch or so of bone is missing on the outer bone in my wrist. The knuckle that is before your hand ( the bump on the outer edge) is gone... I'm so worried that more bone may dissolve and if so... how to stop it? I'm terrified!!
Add in severe chronic pain that I haven't got control over yet and some docs thinking Tylenol should cover it.
I'm on hydromorphone long acting, cymbalta, and prescription pain cream to rub in, couldn't take the pain pill that is in the cream due to bad side effects, so we are trying cream. I get tired easy, hard time focusing, my arm swells up and has now started a click sound that causes pain, this click is new.
Does anybody have advice or can relate t my circumstances? I know there us a lot of chronic pain sufferers on here so I know I am not alone on that front.