Due to abdominal surgery a while back I live in chronic pain. I have went from 115 lbs to 73 and have now lost all muscle, especially in my back. I now live with chronic back pain as well as abdominal pain. The dr.sent me to a pain specialist and he told me he cannot help me. My dr switched me from Norco 10/325, 4 daily to Dilaudid 2 mg, 4 daily. However, the last time she was in a hurry and wrote the Dilaudid for every 12 hrs. I didn't realize until later. I tried to reach her but she is on vacation and will have to wait until she returns in 1 1/2 week. I could not take the pain and if the pain gets to bad I cannot eat and therefore start to lose more wait, which means more pain. I went back to taking the Dilaudid every 6 hrs and am now almost out. What do i do? and has anyone else had this problem?