... abdomen after a botched gall bladder removal operation where my gall bladder was sliced open before being secured or bagged and the bile and possibly stones were spilt. Since then, my hospital records have "gone missing?" And I am getting repeated bouts of what I'm told is chronic pancreatitis. However, the hospital is trying to cover its tracks by changing this diagnosis (even though it was repeatedly in my records) saying that chronic pancreatitis does show in the blood. My doctor said it doesn't and contacted a specialist in gastro stomach/pancreatic health who confirmed it doesn't always show in bloods.
I have had to leave my job as an HGV driver which I loved due to the meds which are struggling to help me stop the debilitating attacks. I don't drink alcohol at all any more, even Christmas or other occasions as it leaves me in so much pain. I ate bread the other day and ended up in an ambulance. I have no quality of life any more and I am scared if they continue to cover up their mistakes instead of helping me that it could lead to me losing my pancreas or pancreatic cancer.
I am on fentanyl patches now as Oxycodone and Oxynorm liquid for breakthrough wasn't easing the attacks at all. Is anyone else going through this?