In 2003 I had a bi lateral hip replacement. Doc had me on ultracet, OxyContin and following that, tramadol. The degeneration has now attacked my shoulders. I cannot tell you what the pain is like, especially at night. My range of motion sucks, especially in the worse of the two arms, the left. I stopped seeing docs who only wanted me to have surgery. I'm afraid of it; don't ask me why. I have ordered in the past online but now that ship has sailed. Occasionally I may get something from a friend. Valiums and klonopkin are especially useful for rest. I am on nothing now and the withdrawal is bad. My temper is short and sleeping is out of the question. I get these pinchy little nerve ending type of occurrences at night which make me want to jump out my window. I want to get off of this stuff. I don't know what I am going to do about my shoulders but I'm afraid it is bone on bone by now. My hands, feet and knees hurt but thus far I pay little attention to them. I have always eaten well, exercised. I don't know what to do and what has precluded me to this nightmare. I have lately been thinking of going to another rheumatologist just because I cannot stand any of this but haven't done so yet. The other part of me just wants all of the pill taking to stop! I do work, on my own time, but it's not always easy. The latest drug that I am off is tramadol. My daughter attends college, away. I am sorry for writing so lengthy but any words of advice will be well taken. I am new here; this is my first time writing. Thanks so much for reading.