I have never smoked but I have other mild auto-immune disorders that may have contributed to my developing this. I am single and I work in a high paced job and I am just curious how this illness may affect me long term. I don't know anyone with this condition so I'm not sure what to expect. I've already done the medical research and know the illness itself, but none of my research can tell me what it is like to live with it daily (or during flare ups or exacerbations). I am currently on high doses of prednisone, simbicort and levalbuterol nebulizer breathing treatments and I just returned to work today, but it is making me very tired and difficult to concentrate. My doctor says I will have to stay on this treatment for a couple of weeks until hopefully my symptoms will improve. I have been dealing with this cough for almost a month now and already had pneumonia earlier this year. I just would like to know how this could affect me long term and how others have delt with this same illness and if it affected their ability to work. I do not have a spouse to turn to for support financially and I need to know that my work will not be affected as I still have goals and dreams for where I want to go with my career. Any information, advice or personal stories would be greatly appreciated