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I have chronic neck,back,and sciatica in left hip/with degenerative spinal stenosis 24/7anybodyelse?

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Thor283 23 Nov 2015

I haven't had a MRI since 2009. But back then the MRI showed very mild spinal stenosis which I think was being caused by degenerative disc disease. Neither the report nor the Doc said anything about sciatica. Nevertheless these conditions are all similar. You asked if anyone else has them, but why did you ask that? From what I know lots of people have them. The problem is that unless you were in an accident of some kind these things get worse with time. So the issue is then what to do about them? That's where I am right now.

sydney64 24 Feb 2016

My spinal stenosis has progressed over the last three years after being diagnosed. It is now bilateral, neuropathy in legs and feet,etc
Undergoing steroid shots for relief but I get very brief relief. I lived a healthy life, step aerobics instructor, certified personal and weight trainer and graduated from The OSU with nutrition degree. Never had a car accident or back problems. Suffering in Columbus, Ohio

Thor283 24 Feb 2016

That's 1 of the worst things about our illness, it isn't caused by what we did or did not do.

sydney64 25 Feb 2016

From what I gather, you must find peace with your spine condition. I use Distraction therapy to get out of my funk! I am constantly working on a project. Reading, studying, library, painting, writing, have a bird aviary etc, antiquing,
I was a college instructor and still keep in touch with my students. I need to have contact with those with same or similar back problems, as only you can understand me. And I can hopefully help you on this journey. What can I do to help you?

Thor283 25 Feb 2016

You can send me a pm and we can be online friends. From what I've learned the Docs are only concerned with pain. I thank God must of my pain is under control. My biggest problem is mobility. I can only walk 10 minutes and then I must sit, even if it's just for 1 minute. Although going up steps is getting increasingly difficult. Send me a pm, I promise to answer.

sydney64 25 Feb 2016

How do I pm you?
We both have similar mobility issues so we need to hang in there and keep it going. I am trying to have quality in my life not quantity. I focus on what I can do! Going upstairs is a bear but I want that independence. Look forward to online friendship!

Thor283 25 Feb 2016

To pm a person first you go to their profile. You do that by clicking on their name. With some members you first have to add them to your friends list. But I believe I disabled that so anyone can PM me.

Maybe I can pm you. I'll try.

Thor283 25 Feb 2016

Sydney, You have the pm option disabled. I added you to my friends list. But that only allows you to pm me. You have to friend me and then I can PM you. So please do that. And remember, start by clicking on my name.

sydney64 25 Feb 2016

Ok, thanks for your help. I should be operational now.
Cold weather really impacts the back and legs. I used to ski and snowmobile. But not now.⛷ Lol free discount card

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