... and the anxiety I have. I just found out yesterday I am in full blown menopause so that adds to the mix now. What is caused from the Gleevec or the menopause? Does any one else have this issue or had it? i go later today to find out if I am still PCRU. I am so nervous, I alway get that way till I see my onc. My family dr put me on a med called Buspar for anxiety, stress and depression, if it works maybe I can wean off the xanax or at least lower it but I have had a headache every day I have taken it. She said it would take up to 2 wks to see if it helps and that was the 3rd of this month and I don't feel any better but I read menopause causes anxiety too. I don't feel like I can get a break here at all!!! Any advice i would appreciate!!!