Not having great luck any more. Stormy weather, anger, stress of any kind, extreme emotions, extreme weather like extreme heat can give me a migraine. Unfortunately food of any kind including Chocolate (good? Bad?) doesn't bother me. However, when I started Topamax I did loose 70 lbs! But that wonderful 'side affect' does wear off after a fairly short time period. Unfortunately cause I gained back 10, lost 5 of that and want to lose 15 more..however, I've plateaud.
I want to know about increasing the dosage because of my headaches. I may get one month in three where I don't have a headache. The rest of the time I'm I'm zonked out or in pain from not taking fiorocet for the pain. No energy. I'm in pain and want to go to bed. My pain start mid morning and gets worse as the day goes on. It's really bad towards the end of the day. I've had migraines sine I was in my early 20's but now they are more frequent and last for days, weeks. So I'm thinking maybe a higher dosage might help. . . Or make my hair fall out. I was wondering what the community thought. I need something. Firocet wears me down. Makes me so tired from the beginning of the day. But it does give me some relief. I'm not great with the pain. I can't focus on my job.
Should I increase the dosage? Thanks for your input.