... one kidney I have to be careful. I have an Ulcer and Acid Reflex. I can't take Prilosec, nor anything with aluminum in it, or Titanium Dioxide, and Pepcid doesn't seem to work anymore. Searching drugs.com for any interactions with my other medication: Synthroid, Norvasc (NAME) and Cefdinir, I have found there are no interactions there with Prevacid. I intend to ask my kidney doctor about it, but we all know Pharmacists can give you better answers, and if you have a good pharmacists he will catch any drug you should not take, if you are up front with your medical history. Me I have no thyroid glands (removed), one kidney and half my intestines removed, and a duodenal ulcer, so I am quite careful before buying OTC drugs. One thing my heart is sound at age 73. My drug allergies: Sulpha, Generic filler in BP meds, Codeine, Cipro, Azithromycin, Amoxicillin, Keflex, Temazapam.