My 29 years old wife, Suffering from chronic ITP, first time diagnosed in May 2013. Treatment included Platelets transfusion, "Omnacotril", (started with 50mg and gradually reduced then stopped after 5mg on alternative days after three months) and "Revolade" tablet for initial 7 days. In Sep'13, we stopped omnacotril (at platelets count of 1,50,000) and post that we were monitoring the platelets count which was in increasing trend. In October platelet count was 1,98,000 but by end of month count reduced to 3000.
Again treated with same procedures and count reached to 2,90,000 but within 7 day relapsed to 3000. She is hospitalized again and getting treated with prednoaolone 50mg
, Solu-madrole, Revolade but nothing is working her platelets count is 10,000 from last 5 days and Doctor is suggesting Splenectomy or Rituximab.
Please can anyone suggests which one is the best option?