I have PTSD since I was 13 years old. I had a sleep study that showed I had no stage 4 sleep and 3% stage 3 sleep. Without meds I feel almost awake most of the time I am sleeping, and can't get going in the morning. I have been on many different meds for sleep over the years. I currently take 50 mg Trazodone and 30 mg Temazepam, plus 9 mg melatonin, and sleep better, but not great. Initially I was on 150 mg Trazodone with out the Temazepam, but it didn't work very well until the Temazepam was added. Recently my Dr. changed the Trazodone for Remeron on the suggestion of a sleep Dr. This works a lot better, but I gained 10 lbs. in 3 weeks, so must stop. I also have trouble with difficulty concentrating, and not remembering things I do during the night, like eating, and I feel groggy until around noon, even before changing to Remeron. I changed back to Trazodone and Temazepam last night, and stopped the Remeron. I really would like to get off all of the meds and try exercise and other natural ways to help my sleep. It has been decades that I have been on sleep meds, so I don't even know how I would sleep without them after getting past withdrawals at this point. I tried in the past to reduce the Temazepam but had rebound withdrawal effects. Does anyone have any suggestions?