I have had chronic IBS for most of my adult life at least 30 years. Having a bowel movement every 3 days was nothing. In fact it was the norm for me. When it kept getting worse with my fight to have a bowel movement my Dr.put me on Linzess which was an answer to a prayer. I had bowel movements every other day for past 6 months. Then I had another rotater cuff surgery linzess quit working. After 5 days my husband went to drugstore and got suppositories, magnesium citrate, powder to put in drink, and enemas. Started with suppositories and miral ax two days nothing. Drunk the magnesium citrate couldn't believe no results. So my husband gave me the enema now I was still taking my Linzess through all this. Finally the enema worked not great but I was excited something worked then back to nothing no matter what I took. My twelve days appointment after my surgery my Dr thought it could be related to my pain medication which I told him I quit taking after day 8 because of my bowel backed up. But he put me on movantik so I quit linzess and all the other laxatives. I have took movantik for 2 days causes terrible stomach cramps in the morning but doesn't work. I take my movantik at nigjt. My husband started blending some prunes and applesauce with a dribble of bran on top eat this twice daily. I am beyond annoyed. I am so depressed I have never been in this shape before. I need help PLEASE!