I have been treated for tension headaches and migraines since 2009. I have tried triptans, analgesics, muscle relaxants, nonsteroidal-anti-inflammatory and steroids, ssri antidepressants, magnesium and every homeopathic cure (massage, acupuncture, therapy, diet change and exercise) in the book and obviously acetaminophen and aspirin. I have had Botox, nerve block injections and sphenocath. My MRI CT scan and blood work are all clean. I often have to go to the ER for pain. They give me Benadryl cocktail among other IV meds. They end with Dilaudid which helps but when is wears off the headache immediately comes back. Nothing has ever fully relieved my headache. Daily, it is in the back of my head usually on one side or the other. On a good day it is a double constant pain usually around a 4. On a bad day it will start to creep up the upper side of my head and over to the other side. It eventually turns into a throbbing pain. I become extremely light sensitive but never nauseous or throw up. Usually it's gradually onset but recently Bad ones have just been slamming me out of nowhere. Like 0 to 60. These usually last around two days. Another new development is my head gets really hot and I feel my body temperature changing in my hands have been super shaky and I feel like I'm losing strength in them. I just got out of the hospital after 3 weeks of pushing IV meds with no relief. My neurologist is out of ideas. He referred me to Mayo and even they said there was nothing they could do. My neurologist is doing another round of Botox and referring me to a headache center. I have had Epilepsy since I was 13. I take Topamax 150 and Lamictal 500 for seizures. I didn't know if that could possibly contribute? I would really appreciate any help or advice anyone has to offer. I feel stuck.