On a lot of meds as needed for diagnosis's. I am literally tired ALL the time. I never feel rested when I do sleep and spend a lot of my time in bed because I simply do not have the energy to do anything. I am to the point leaving the house is only when no other choice. I see a pain doc, a GI doc, and a Cardiologist. They all have reasons I am so worn out, but no solutions. Alot of my 14 meds have that "may cause drowsiness" label on them so no doc will give me an "upper" to get thru the day. Over 15yrs ago I had a PP that gave me Vivactal to take during the day and Halcion to put me down at night. Didn't last long as during a hospital stay a doc told me that was a dangerous combo. I was literally taking something to keep me up in the day and something to knock me out at night. Long gone are those days. I don't feel rested when I manage a few hours sleep, and have no energy for anything. I know I am sick with major illnesses, but, the amount of energy I have for life is so minimal its hardly worth getting out of bed, and many days, I don't, but STILL can't sleep. Anyone have any ideas or tips that might help me have some energy every once in a while?? I am so seriously "tired" all the time I have stopped meeting friends, visiting family etc. I feel like my life is passing me by, and I am not a part of it. Depressed?? Yes, who wouldn't be when they are either sick or tired, or sick and tired every single day. I cannot remember the last time I felt okay. This fatigue is weighing me down to the point I really don't care if I live or die. What do you do to get thru these trying times, feeling so fatigued??