I'm new to this group so I apologize if I'm not up to date with all the lingo. I've made kidney stones approximately 1 every 6-7 yrs since I was 18 (I'm 51 now). But back in 2003 my body flipped out and I started mass producing them and passing a couple a week (sometimes more sometimes less). So I'm looking for as many opinions on my question from this group because I know that the people out there with CFS are the experts. I have a friend I met years ago (before doctors would admit CFS was real) that struggled going from doctor to doctor having almost all of them tell her all her pain and symptoms were in her head. I was told a couple years ago by a doctor I was seeing that he wouldn't be surprised if I had CFS but that he advised me not to pursue CFS as a diagnosis along with my Chronic Kidney Stones because back then my dr said if I ever lost my insurance that when trying to regain insurance that a CFS diagnosis would red flag me and keep me from attaining insurance again. I apologize for my lengthy post. Finally my question.. Starting in August after a really bad kidney infection along with a large amount of stones passing I started having aches and pains in places I never had before. My joints hurt and ached, constant and ongoing fatigue, headaches... etc..(Just to make my list short but if anyone needs my full list of symptoms just ask). Is it possible that I could have CFS on top of my Chronic Kidney Stones? Thanks in advance for any experiences, opinions and advice anyone can give me.