I'm 47, male. Had cfs most my adult life. Anyone ever been labelled "lazy," due to this condition?
3 yrs ago I read a medical poster while waiting for my Dr to enter the room. It was about symptoms of low testosterone. He did a blood test. Results stated my level was 79. I believe 330 is approx minimum low. Thyroid tested good. I have been getting testosterone shots every week ever since. Scheduled tests showed my highest level reached 279. Then adderall was prescribed. 20 then 30 mgs a day. I was able to function. I later couldn't afford theadderall and I was switched to ritalin. Now 2 months on rit, 20 mgs a day, many vitamins that I researched for my condition & past 2 weeks it's gotten so bad that as I got off the toilet, id lay on the bathroom floor until the rit began to work. I rather have the adderall back but it nor the Rit is covered by my insurance. I barely manage holding a 27 hr job. Probiotics Im trying.
Anyone else feel this incapacitated?