I had surgery May 6th 2015. I was cut from my belly button to my pelvic area. They removed a 14inch fibroid thought it was cancer at first. Thank God it wasn't. They did a complete hysterectomy and fixed a big hernia that was on the ride of my belly button and replaced mesh from a previous hernia surgery. Worst surgery of my entire life. I've had nothing but complications. Uti infection put me back in hospital, but open half my incision and been on a wound vac. Anyway since the day my bowels woke they gave me stool softener a each day after surgery and then on the fifth day I was allowed food and they gave me milk of mag. I have had diarrhea ever day except five random days and that's on the brat diet and taking Imodium ad. My gallbladder was removed years and years ago. I couldn't handle it but it's keeping me so weak most days. Most days I have to go over ten times. One day I didn't go at all and the next day I had diarrhea 27 times. I can't leave my home for fear of an accident.
Please someone help. Two stool cultures came back negative.