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Chronic constipation with severe stomach pain?

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kaismama 12 Sep 2012

If you get hard stool in your intestine so that the other stool can't pass, you will get severe stomach pain, and even nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea. The diarrhea is an attempt to get the stool past the blockage,by your body. Have you tried taking fiber and stool softeners, sounds like you need to get your body working.

Inactive 12 Sep 2012

Hello elegant30. I suggest fish oil along with drinking plenty of water. If that fails, one of several over the counter drugs might help. If that fails, a trip to your doctor's office. Regards pledge

balbanese 12 Sep 2012

Chronic? Time to see a Dr, Occasional? Try Miralax, also hydrating and checking your diet for foods that make this worse. Hope this helps.

pamee 12 Sep 2012

Hello elegant30, For a natural remedy I suggest triphala, which is a mixture of three fruits from India, available in capsule form at health food stores. Follow the dosage directions on the label. You can take it regularly; its benefits accumulate the longer you stay on it. A low dose of magnesium glycinate may also be helpful for chronic constipation.

How triphala can benefit your health: Improves Digestive Functioning.

Triphala is perhaps most well-known as a digestive toner. It can help remove toxins from our digestive system and promote a healthy balance of enzymes in our digestive system.
Constipation Relief: Triphala is known to have a gentle laxative effect. If you are suffering from constipation and want to avoid harsh commercial laxatives.
Blood Detox: Early studies have hinted that triphala may help aid detoxification of our blood system. free discount card

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